Project Funding: Marie, the Vorarlberg street newspaper

The street newspaper marie provides a voice for marginalised groups and is an offer of self-help for people in Vorarlberg living at or below the poverty line.




The institutional supporters of the project include ifs (Institute for Social Services), Caritas, the dowas association (a place for housing and job seekers) and Kaplan Bonetti GmbH. marie is supported by private and institutional donations, and newspaper and advertisement sales contribute a real countervalue of sustainable quality.

Our Contribution

By purchasing a small volume of advertisements, Weitblick GmbH supports the newspaper project and uses the advertising space to approach socially committed people in an editorial form and to reflect their “stories of courage”. In doing so, we support marie’s objective at the same time.

Marie’s Objective

The aim of this street newspaper is to promote understanding of togetherness among all people.

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