Project Funding: University course in personal school development

A course with Dr Dorothee Bürgi, Dr Alfried Längle and Dr Eva Maria Waibel for leaders of all types of schools in the school sector who want to anchor the existential dialogue in their school. Through an in-depth examination of the basics of existential analysis, existential coaching and existential pedagogy, school leaders learn about concepts oriented towards existential analysis that support them in their school, staff and teaching development. The goal is a personally oriented school with motivated children and authentic teachers that serves the development of all persons involved in the school.

The next course starts in the 2022 summer semester at the University of Teacher Education in Vorarlberg. Registration takes place via the PHV’s programme of events. Exact dates can be found in the downloads below (information from Dr. Eva Maria Waibel).


existential dialogue, existential coaching, personal school development, existential pedagogy, health promotion

Initial Situation

The professional challenges for head teachers and teachers are becoming increasingly difficult in view of a society in which change continues to accelerate. In view of the diverse and complex tasks of the school environment, it’s important not to lose sight of what is essential in everyday life and to design school in such a way that it becomes a place of personal encounter.

Solution Approach

Leaders are enabled to counteract the functionality in everyday school life on the basis of the existential dialogue and personal enquiries and to focus on essentials again and again. They receive basic knowledge of existential coaching and thus essential instruments for the management and development of persons. Through the insight into existential pedagogy and existential teaching, new ways of developing the act of teaching are shown. These enable personal learning at one’s own pace.

The Project

Development and implementation of a course covering the above-mentioned basic knowledge (scope: 3 semesters, 12 ECTS credits).

Participants develop projects at their schools that aim to make the school a place of lively encounters and collaboration. This togetherness is additionally promoted through collegial exchanges between the different schools as well as at the individual schools.

The Effects

  • Direct results (output): head teachers are strengthened personally as well as in their leadership function, both in their work and their attitude to life. Their “existential view” helps them to shape the school – together with the teachers – into a lively place of living and learning.
  • Medium-term effects (outcome): a changed school culture that focuses on the individual person.
  • Long-term effects (impact): health promotion, burnout prevention for all involved. For schools, it offers every child the best possible development and enhances the joy of learning.
Dr. Eva Maria Waibel


Dr. Eva Maria Waibel

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