Project Cooperation: “Existential Pedagogy and Psychosocial Counselling” Master’s Programme

This extra-occupational Master’s Programme will be offered in cooperation with the KPH Linz, the Institute Selbst.Wert.Sinn and the Austrian Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis from the 2022 winter semester. Through an in-depth examination of basic attitudes and assumptions of existential pedagogy, participants will be qualified to strengthen children’s and adolescents’ personalities and support them in leading healthy, fulfilled lives.


existential pedagogy, psychosocial health promotion, personality development

Initial Situation

The tasks of parents, professional educators and teachers are growing and changing dynamically both in the current forms of living arrangements and family structures and in the various educational institutions as well as in youth work. This can lead to uncertainty or even excessive demands on all those involved.

Solution Approach

Existential pedagogy changes the perspective from everyday educational concerns to the fundamental question of possibilities for action of the persons involved. It focuses on the basic conditions and motives of human existence and aims at the education and development of children’s and adults’ personalities as they (re)discover their own resources, become aware of (existentially) essential contents and goals in concrete situations and in their confrontation with the world, and who independently achieve a fulfilled and fulfilling life.

The Project

“Existential Pedagogy and Psychosocial Counselling” Master’s Programme

Course director: Karl Sibelius, PhD, MSc, MA, MAS / Dr Eva Maria Waibel / Mag. Daniel Scheyer – Contact:, +43 (0)676/8776-1187

Start of studies: WS 2022/23 (subject to approval)

Duration of study:  6 semesters, extra-occupational (part-time)
ECTS points: 90 ECTS

Costs: administrative fee: third-party funding, service fee: 100 euros per semester

Degree: Master of Science (CE)

Target group: teachers from all school types; graduates of relevant tertiary education with several years of experience in teaching practice

You can find further information at:

Mag. Daniel Scheyer


Mag. Daniel Scheyer

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